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Lug Type

Lug Type

Dual plate lug type check valve.

Solid Lug

Solid Lug

Dual plate Full lug type check valve.


Over 20 Years Dual Plate Check Valve Manufacturer | TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE

Located in Taiwan, Taiwan Valve Centre Co., Ltd., since 1998, is a dual plate check valve manufacturer. ISO 9001 certified one-stop manufacturing. TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE's dual plate valve is durable and trustworthy.

97% customer repurchase rate, ERP and CRM systems implemented with ISO manufacturing process. Available in a variety of valve materials, each dual plate check valve is inspected to reduce the risk of non-conformance.

TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE has been offering customers high-quality and durable industrial check valves for any applications since 1998, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Quality Policy

TVCCL’s quality policy is to ensure perfect service, excellent quality, and never-ending R&D innovations. TVCCL selects prime suppliers for quality assurance carefully. We promise to keep improving every aspect in our process to present superior check valve and service to our clients.

TVCCL have become one of the leading enterprises of check valves in Taiwan.
Our organization is dedicated to provide our customers with best service of every aspect. We strongly believe, that the friendship and trust given by our customers, is the great treasure we have.
Right People, Right Facilities, Lead to World-Class Quality
TVCCL Valve is a group of pragmatic and enthusiastic teams in the field of valves.
TVCCL expect to lead the dual check valve industry into another new generation.

Process Flow
Process Flow
Quality management system
Quality management system

Education and training
Every TVCCL employee is responsible for providing the highest quality service. For the purpose of the best service, each person continuously improves the quality of his or her own work.
Not only seriously on everything, every task to do the best, but also to review everything at any time.
In order to improve, pursue customer satisfaction
We aim to provide clients with comprehensive satisfaction.
TVCCL concentrates equal enthusiasm on every aspect of our company to establish the enterprise culture of service perfection, quality superiority, and never-ending research, development and improvement.
We focus on the product development and service. We devote to technology integration and development of Sales Department, expect to achieve timely service to ensure that customers in the use of no worries.
All employees in TVCCL hold the same vision:
Creating the future along with our industry. We shall fulfill our mission on the technical development and research, and hope to work with the different types of valve industry.

Third party notarization inspection
If you need, we will ask third party notarization inspection test our products, including low temperature impact test, PT, RT, MT, .etc...
The following is our check valve approved the test report.
For dual plate wafer type valve with full rubber we have Pinhole test machine, also do test by ourselves.

Expertise and Technology
ISO and CE quality policy is thoroughly carried out in TVCCL. Meanwhile, ERP management systems are applied to complete material and process management.
We according to API 594, ASME B16.34, JIS 2239, ISO7005, AWWA C207, BS10 AS2129 and other specifications to produce check valve


Dual Plate Check Valve Manufacturer - TVCCL is a check valve’s manufacturer. Supply many kind of check valve.