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Dual plate lug type check valve.

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Dual plate Full lug type check valve.


Over 20 Years Dual Plate By Pass Type Check Valve | Dual Plate Check Valve Manufacturer | TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE

Located in Taiwan, Taiwan Valve Centre Co., Ltd., since 1998, is a Dual Plate By Pass Type Check Valve | dual plate check valve manufacturer. ISO 9001 certified one-stop manufacturing. TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE's dual plate valve is durable and trustworthy.

97% customer repurchase rate, ERP and CRM systems implemented with ISO manufacturing process. Available in a variety of valve materials, each dual plate check valve is inspected to reduce the risk of non-conformance.

TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE has been offering customers high-quality and durable industrial check valves for any applications since 1998, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Dual Plate By Pass Type Check Valve


By-pass valves are generally used for three basic reasons:

To allow the pipeline differential pressure to be balanced, lowering the torque requirement of the valve and permit one-man operation.
With the pump closed and the by-pass open, a continual flow is allowed, avoiding possible stagnation.
Delayed filling of pipelines.

The bypass valve produced by TVCCL is a dual plate wafer type check valve with a hand-wheel to adjust the water flow and achieve dredge effect. It is very simple to use the hand-wheel to control valve to open and close. The installation method is the same as the dual plate wafer type check valve. The only difference is the hand-wheel. The advantage of using the hand-wheel to control the pressure difference is that without external power, and the pressure of the system itself is actuated, which effectively improves the operational safety and more reliable than the conventional electric control valve. Also, the price of the bypass valve is lower than the electric control valve.

Bypass dual check valve, reducing valve, backflow check valve

Dual disc check valves are commonly installed in applications that backflow would cause an issue. However, since they are non return valves, they are a cheap, effective, and easy solution to solve a potential issue.

All place install check valve while Pipe have control valve or pump. If fluid have to back upstream after it.

Under some situation which need to stop returning also backflow, at this point it can backflow through the bypass which on check valve, to regulating too much flow in a pipeline by backflow. E.g. Pool on roof.

Body with full rubber lined can effectively reduce disc's leakage probability for the corrosion of seawater. In addition, body can choose CI or DI material to decrease cost.

Back-up Line for Uses Such as Replacement of Equipment.


  • By pass check valve can be fluid control and decompression,Especially if replacing an existing valve to avoid pipe modifications.
  • Bypass check valve can be used as a regulator when replacing equipment.
  • Bypass check valve increases safety and saves money with handwheel than the electric operator.
  • Retail acceptable.
  • Beautifully packaged.
  • Customized special valve.


  • Size: 2" ~ 24" (DN50 - DN1500)
  • Pressure Rating For ASME: 125# ~ 150# Suit For ASME / MSS / API Flange
  • Pressure Rating For JIS: 10K Suit For JIS Flange
  • Material:CI,DI
  • Designed in accordance with API 594
  • (Other flange connection please contact Taiwan Valves Centre Co., Ltd.)
  • *Technical information is only for reference. Taiwan Valves Centre Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change without previous notice.


  • By pass check valve is suitable for waterworks.
  • If the fluid passing through the check valve need to returned to upstream, a bypass check valve will be a good choice.
  • The bypass valve can prevent oil from entering the fuel system, guarantee the normal lubrication of the entire engine.
  • Bypass check valve is also used in central heating systems to ensure that the heat sink is not over pressured or emptied
  • Check valves are available for applications with control valves or pumps. e.g. check valve or BY pass check valve.
  • Bypass valves are basically there to vent pressure, it can be substituted for slow closure type valve.

More Knowledge about TVCCL valve:

Bypass valves are typically used in two situations as follows:
1. Replace the equipment, the bypass valve is not only to maintain the flow of the medium but also has a certain fluid control function. Therefore, it can be used as a substitute for pressure reducing valve and steam trap. When the equipment is replaced, the bypass valve can be used as a backup valve. When the equipment such as pressure reducing valve and steam trap is damaged or needs to be replaced and repaired, they are isolated. Or close the main pipe and open the bypass valve to keep the device running.
2. Strengthening function, the bypass valve can be used as a pressure reducing valve and a steam trap to enhance the hydrophobic performance.

More Knowledge about dual plate check valve:

Bypass valve has adjustment function. Not only adjust pressure between upstream and downstream, has hydrophobic capability.Bypass valve, also known as the bypass differential pressure valve, has the function of regulating the differential pressure between the upstream and downstream and can be hydrophobic. Bypass valve automatically adjusts according to the pressure change of the medium and balances the pressure difference between the medium in and out of the channel, which helps to stabilize the pipeline operation. For example, pressure reducing valves, control valves and traps are usually equipped with bypass pipes. The valve installed on the bypass pipe is called a bypass valve. Bypass valve refers to a valve that is mounted on a bypass pipe but does not specifically refer to the valve type and construction.

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TVCCL Check Valve is a dual plate check valve that conforms to API 594. TVCCL is known as one of the leading manufacturers of Valve in Taiwan since we established.A check valve, non-return valve (NRV) or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. Simply put, a check valve allows flow in one direction and automatically prevents back flow (reverse flow) when fluid in the line reverses direction. Ceck valve are one of the few self-automated valves that do not require assistance to open and close. Unlike other valves, they continue to work even if the plant facility loses air, electricity, or the human being that might manually cycle them. Check valves work automatically and most are not controlled by a person or any external control; accordingly, most do not have any valve handle or stem. Check valves are found everywhere, including the home. If you have a sump pump in the basement, a check valve is probably in the discharge line of the pump. Outside the home, they are found in virtually every industry where a pump is located. There are various types of check valves used in a wide variety of applications. Basically, check valve is doing the function of avoiding reverse flow no matter what the type is.
Taiwan Valve Centre Co.,Ltd. is the professional dual check valve manufacturers in the Taiwan. This information concerning the installation and operation of TVCCL Wafer Style, Dual Plate Check Valves. To ensure efficient and safe operation of TVCCL Dual Plate Check Valves. This manual is general in nature and is not meant to take the place of an on-site, process engineer or pipe fitter.Installation procedure 1. Check the dual plate check valve to make sure the pressure and duo chek valve materials are correct for the application. 2. Make sure the pipe line has enough support to prevent vibrations and load weight from damaging the check valve. 3. Make sure pipes are aligned. 4. Make sure pipe flanges and doule door check valve sealings are clean from any debris.Check all surfaces for cleanliness and other visible sign of foreign matter as the internal surfaces/parts must be clean and free of debris before installation 5. Before installing the valve, it is important to know the flow direction. The flow direction shall be the same direction as the arrow that can be found on the side of the valve. If the valve is installed in the wrong direction the flow will stop. 6. Fix the valve with the bolts without tightening them. 7. Use crosswise bolt tightening to ensure a fixed installation. Other bolt tightening sequences may affect the installation.Dual plate check valves should be installed a minimum of 6 pipe diameters downstream of any piping component (elbow, Tee, Valve, etc.) to allow the flow to stabilize. There should also be a minimum of 2 diameters of straight pipe downstream of the valve before the next fitting to allow for pressure recovery.
TVCCL has been designing & manufacturing dual plate check valves since 1998. We equipped with the required basic material to arrive at an optimum product delivery to meet all our customer requirements. TVCCL holds ready dual plate check valves stocks for smaller sizes enabling us to respond quickly to requests for customer’s quick need. Also, all TVCCL wafer type check valve and materials are fully traceable and certified.For dual check valve WCB/CF8/CF8M/CI/DI/B148 C95800(ALBC3) we usually have stock as above; However, to some special materials, like A8904A/CF3M…etc. We need evaluate if it need MOQ or not.Seat of dual plate wafer type chack valve we normal have as bellow NBR→Usually used in WATER & WASTEWATER TREATMENT. EPDM→Usually used in OIL & GAS. VITON→Usually used in CHEMICAL & PETROCHEMICAL. METAL (Same as Body)→Usually used in HIGH TEMPERATURE ENVIRONMENT, HAVE LEAKAGE.※Rubber seat zero leakage Metal seat leakage permitted values according to standard API598, permitted value is “size*700c.c”/MinOtherwise, we have special type named “__________” Under no pressure environment, no leaking when you pouring water into valve.