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Lug Type

Dual plate lug type check valve.

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Solid Lug

Dual plate Full lug type check valve.


Over 20 Years Globe Valve | Dual Plate Check Valve Manufacturer | TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE

Located in Taiwan, Taiwan Valve Centre Co., Ltd., since 1998, is a Globe Valve | dual plate check valve manufacturer. ISO 9001 certified one-stop manufacturing. TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE's dual plate valve is durable and trustworthy.

97% customer repurchase rate, ERP and CRM systems implemented with ISO manufacturing process. Available in a variety of valve materials, each dual plate check valve is inspected to reduce the risk of non-conformance.

TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE has been offering customers high-quality and durable industrial check valves for any applications since 1998, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, TVCCL, TAIWAN VALVE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Globe Valve


Globe Valves that are primarily used to stop, start and regulate fluid flow in pipelines. Globe Valves can shut off fluid flows by moving the disc against the flow stream.Globe valve is a valve used to stop, start, and regulate the fluid flow. The globe valve is an excellent valve to use for on-off, is highly suited for install one the pipeline which needs open and close frequently and control of fluids. Globe valve is used as an automatic control valve, globe valve also be used in water, chemical, air, oil medium and the services where pressure drop is not an issue. Globe valve seat leakage is less as compared to the gate valve, mainly purpose is the right angle contact between the disk and seat ring, which allows tighter seal between seat the disc. Therefore, the globe valve is better at regulating .

Globe valves can be arranged in such a way that the disk closes against the flow or in the same direction of flow.
When the plate closes in the direction of flow, the kinetic energy of the fluid helps closing but obstructs the opening. This characteristic is preferable when a quick-acting stop is required.


  • Globe valves are particularly common in on-off services, but can be used for various applications
  • Have a good shutdown function.
  • Used for regulating flow in a pipeline.
  • Nice shut off effect.
  • Suit for frequent operation as no worries of wear of seat and discs.
  • Easy to repair, as seat and discs can be accesses from the top of valve.
  • Fast operation due to shorter stroke length.
  • Often operated by automatic actuator.


  • Body Connection: Pipe thread, Flange Type
  • (Other flange connection please contact Taiwan Valves Centre Co., Ltd.)
  • *Technical information is only for reference. Taiwan Valves Centre Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change without previous notice.


  • Globe valve used for closed, switch often and used as throttling valves to control flow through.
  • Globe valve is used in applications where flow needs to be regulated or where variable pressure is required in the pipeline. Such like treat water system, Fuel oil system and Turbine seals and drains.
  • Widely used in petroleum refining, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, municipal, steel and other industries
  • Common used in general household water and gas pipelines.
  • Applied to construction related equipment
  • Suitable for pipelines of natural gas and power systems.

More Knowledge about TVCCL valve:

A globe valve is comprised of two halves, separated by an opening with a moveable plug or disc that can be screwed in, or unscrewed to open and close. They're most commonly used to open, close, or throttle flow in a system.
All globe valves are designed with a stem that moves up and down to regulate flow inside the valve, contains a disc (ball, composition, or plug), and seat which is generally screwed into the valve body. Seats are designed in plane parallel or inclined to the line of the flow.

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